Fiji League – Edmonton

Edmonton Fiji Soccer Association

In 2018 many of the players, teams, and supporters have decided to form a new Fiji League and named it “Edmonton Fiji Soccer Association”.

The Edmonton Fiji Soccer Association has proven that the “old times” ideas do not have to continue.  There are new processes such as registration of players, and having game officials that have refereed at the provincial and National level.

The excitement has shown by the number of players and the support from the local Fijian community.

We are excited to see what the 2019 season will bring.

The 2018 & 2019 Executives are:

President: Robin Rao

Vice President: Rak Prasad

Secretary: Andrew Mani

Treasurer: Rajesh Jattan

Assistant Treasurer: Kelvin Singh

Discipline Committee:

Reshi Deo

Bimal Karan

Praveen Lal

Opening Ceremonies
2008 League Champions – Millwoods United
2008 – Dulari Tournament Champions (Calgary)
2008 Dulari Celebration